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Dallas County for Positive Choices (DC4PC)

Serving:Dallas County
Description:Dallas County for Positive Choices is a coalition made up of individuals from working together to help residents of all ages make healthy choices Contact: Erin Bowers and/or Beth Turner 1/15
Address:902 Court Street
Adel, IA 50003
County: Dallas
Telephone:Phone # 515-993-3750
Fax # 515-993-4949

Delaware County Drug Abuse Coalition

Serving:Delaware County
Description:The Delaware County Drug Abuse Coalition (DDAC) identifies and addresses issues related to substance abuse in Delaware County. The group is a collaboration of community members and representatives of area agencies. Goals are (1) To reduce substance abuse among youth and, over time, among adults by addressing the factors in a community that increases the risk of substance abuse (2)To establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, private non-profit agencies, federal, state, local and tribal governments, and to support the efforts of community coalitions to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth. 11/15 Contact: Jen Stolka
Address:601 Grant Street
PO Box 493
Manchester, IA 52057
County: Delaware
Telephone:Phone # 563-379-0531

Dubuque Area Substance Abuse Coalition

Serving: Dubuque County and surrounding area
Description:The purpose of the Coalition is a non-profit community organization formed to address substance abuse and misuse concerns around the Dubuque area, including the City of Dubuque, Dubuque County and the surrounding area. Our mission is to develop a comprehensive community wide effort to reduce substance abuse or misuse and the associated negative impact it has on youth and adults in the community by promoting positive environmental and social change. 7/15 Contact: Steve Eastvedt
Address:Dubuque Police Department
770 Iowa Street
Dubuque, IA 52001
County: Dubuque
Telephone:Phone # 563-589-7889

ERASE: Everyone Raising Awareness on Substance Abuse Education

Serving:Winneshiek County
Description:ERASE: Everyone Raising Awareness on Substance Abuse Education was created in the fall of 2010 in order to effectively address alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug prevention in the county. The coalition actively works to educate the public on the negative impact substance abuse has on the county. Coalition members use press releases, annual town hall meetings and annual prescription drug drop off events as a way to bring substance abuse related topics to the forefront. The coalition also meets with local elected officials to review current policies and/or discuss the benefits of passing local ordinances to continue decreasing substance use and abuse in the county.9/15 Contact: Jennifer Kimber
Address:P.O. Box 372
Decorah, IA 52101
County: Winneshiek
Telephone:Phone # 563-387-1720

Fayette County Substance Abuse Coalition (FCSAC)

Serving:Alpha, Arlington, Clermont, Eldorado, Elgin, Fayette, Hawkeye, Maynard, Oelwein, Oran, Randalia, Wadena, Waukoma, Clermont, West Union
Description:Fayette County Substance Abuse Coalition (or FCSAC) is a group of community members who want healthy lifestyle choices to be the norm for everyone in Fayette County. We participate and host community wellness events and activities so that Fayette County youth, teens, and adults are aware of the health effects and risks of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

The members of the Fayette County Substance Abuse Coalition come from a variety of backgrounds and interests.

“To educate and inform about the risks of substance use and to promote healthy lifestyle choices for everyone in Fayette County.”

1. Build coalition membership utilizing the 12 sectors to create long term coalition sustainability.
2. Participate in community wellness activities and events to increase community awareness of the health effects and risks of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs.
3. Increase awareness of health and wellness in Fayette County.

8/15 Contact:Tessa Willie
Address:P.O. Box 372
Decorah, IA 52101
County: Winneshiek
Telephone:Phone # 563-387-1720

Floyd County FOCUS

Serving:Floyd County
Description:Floyd County FOCUS- FOCUS is a long-standing community coalition with over 40 years of history and seven years of federal Drug Free Community Support funding utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework to comprehensively address substance abuse prevention, with a focus on tobacco and alcohol, to lower risk factors and increase protective factors. FOCUS remains committed to a data-driven process, utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework, to address community assessment, capacity, planning and implementation, evaluation, and sustainability in a culturally competent approach. Floyd County FOCUS meets monthly with coalition representation that includes 12 sectors and recognizes the four Community Partnership strategies: individualized actions, shared decision making, neighborhood/community networking, and policy and practice change. The Coalition is a collaborative design with project objectives to addresses both individual and environmental strategies in and outside of the school day. Activities include hosting town hall meetings, media campaigns, audits, assessments; youth group supports, surveys, and trainings. Results, which require community partnerships, include: the support to establish a mentoring program, institutionalizing compliance checks and model youth and parenting programs; a social host ordinance, and partnering with neighboring counties and the state-wide AC4C Alliance for other efforts that have measurably raised community awareness and local Iowa Youth Survey Core Measures.
8/15 Contact: Shelley Smith
Address:c/o CCCSD, 500 N Grand Ave
Charles City , IA 50616
County: Floyd
Telephone:Phone # 641-330-7833

Garner Asset Project

Serving:Garner Community, Garner-Hayfield Community School District
Description:The Garner Asset Project serves the Garner-Hayfield Community School District (GHCSD). The goals of the Coalition are: (1) establish and strengthen collaboration among Garner Asset Project’s partner organizations in support of the community’s effort to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth; and (2) reduce substance abuse among youth in Garner-Hayfield Community School District, Garner, Iowa. 7/15 Contact: Deb Quintus
Address:605 Lyon Street
Garner, IA 50438
County: Hancock
Telephone:Phone # 641-923-2632
Fax # 641-923-3825

Gateway IMPACT Coalition

Description:"The Gateway Impact Coalition, formerly known as Clinton Substance Abuse Council, is a private, not-for-profit community coalition founded in 1989.

Community coalitions are comprised of parents, teachers, law enforcement, businesses, religious leaders, health care providers, youth, pharmacists, government officials, youth serving organizations, media, civic and volunteer groups and other community activists who are mobilizing at the local level to make their communities safer, healthier and drug-free.

Coalition building promotes coordination and collaboration while making efficient use of limited community resources. By connecting multiple sectors of the community in a comprehensive approach, we are able to make changes in our community to reduce substance abuse.

Mission Statement: “The Gateway Impact Coalition, through collaboration, works to develop solutions to community problems that are related to substance abuse issues through the process of facilitation, cooperation, and communication. 7/15
Contact: Kristin Huisenga
Address:250 20TH Avenue N Ste 146
Clinton, IA 52732
County: Clinton
Telephone:Phone # 563-241-4371

Green County Community Resource Coalition

Serving:Greene County
Description:The Greene County Coalition meets monthly (no meetings in July or August) to provide an opportunity for community leaders and human service providers to share updates and information about new and existing programs, making it possible for all involved to have up-to-date information when making referrals for benefit of the county’s individuals and families served.
7/15 Contact Peg Dohrer
Address:104 W Washington
Jefferson, IA 50129
County: Greene
Telephone:Phone # 712-792-9266 ext 202

Grundy County Community Partners

Serving:Grundy County
Description:Grundy County Community Partners is a group of service providers, decision makers, and interested individuals who get together monthly to share, network, and learn from each other about the resources available. The group functions as the child abuse prevention council and the mental health advisory board. 12/15 Contact: Shari Sell-Bakker
Address:703 F Ave Ste1
Grundy Center, IA 50638
County: Grundy
Telephone:Phone # 319-824-6979

Guthrie County Community Human Service

Serving:Guthrie County
Description:Coalition meets at 12 p.m. four times per year on the 2nd Thursday in March, June, September, and December at the ISU Extension Office in Guthrie Center to discuss new programs and services as they arise in the community and agency representatives share recent events and program updates. Anyone is welcome!
8/15 Contact: Christy Jenkins

Address:P.O. Box 427
Carroll, IA 51401
County: Guthrie
Telephone:Phone # 712-792-9266 ext 601

Henry County Substance Abuse Coalition

Serving:Henry County
Description:The mission of the Henry County Substance Abuse Coalition (HCSAC) is to reduce substance abuse among youth and adults in Henry County. HCSAC strives to do this by promoting collaboration, education, and activities designed to meet the identified needs of the community. The Coalition offers alternative fun and free events, develops environmental policy and practice changes, and provide education about substance abuse issues to the community. 8/15 Contact:Cherry Sandeen
Address:127 North Main Street
Mount Pleasant, IA 52641
County: Henry
Telephone:Phone # 319-385-8126
Fax # 319-385-2617

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